Program Manager

As the Program Manager for the West Moreton Health Sustainability, Infrastructure & Asset Division minor capital program, I manage a portfolio of complex building and infrastructure related projects.




Program Management


project management processes


team leadership & mentoring


benefits management


management of change

Key Focus Areas

During my time in this role I have been focused on establishing the team by recruiting to the approved FTE and building performance by focusing on culture and standardising processes and templates.

One of my specific focus areas has been establishing Program Management capability and implementing systems and processes to ensure the appropriate levels of governance are implemented for projects and that the appropriate level of stakeholder engagement is undertaken.

Part of this process has been to establish a central information hub for our team and each project on Microsoft Teams and development of a Project Overview template to guide and manage operational activities within the project, including finance, change management, issues and risks, stakeholder engagement and milestone reporting.

For complex projects I’ve introduced a stakeholder engagement process to ensure adequate time is spent identifying stakeholders impacted by construction activity and that appropriate communication channels are utilised to share information in a timely manner and allow for input from clinical stakeholders and consumer representatives.

These systems and processes are still a work in progress, however initial use and application is demonstrating a vast improvement in capability for project and program level reporting.  I have also received significant positive feedback from our stakeholder groups on the improvement in our project management capability and the level of consultation and engagement with our stakeholders.


  • Established a PMO in the Sustainability, Infrastructure & Assets Division, including a benefits management approach & lessons learned registry/community of practice.
  • Leadership of a $22M minor capital program, inclusive of complex HVAC upgrades to improve infectious patient outcomes.
  • Developed a project manager handbook & implemented performance improvement processes with staff.
  • Redesigned stakeholder engagement processes to improve project owner engagement and satisfaction.
  • Active member of the Incident Management Team & led installation of Incident Triage Areas to accommodate increased ED presentations.
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